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We produce grains for rosaries made with Italian certified olive wood, hornbeam wood or coconut, perfect for customizing and painted in different kinds of colors and nuances; walnut and zebrawood, a precious African wood that is characterized by natural shades of colors. The different kinds of wood that we use make these materials perfect to create religious products, tau, and multisize crosses, fashion accessories and jewelry. We only use certified and carefully selected materials to obtain the best product for each customer. We also guarantee maximum customization of the beads in terms of sizes (from 4mm to 25mm), inlays and processing like the polishing which means the process that ensure the right level of opacity and brightness to the product.

legno ulivo olio

Olive wood

legno ulivo lucido

Polished olive wood

Arrel Ancona olivo lavorato

Inlayed olive wood

Arrel Ancona legno similcocco colore naturale

Coconut wood natural colour

Arrel Ancona legno similcocco colore marrone

Coconut wood brown colour

Arrel Ancona legno similcocco colore 11 acero

Coconut wood maple colour

Arrel Ancona legno simil cocco lavorato naturale

Coconut wood natural inlayed

legno noce zebrano


legno noce eko

Walnut wood eko

Arrel Ancona grani legno ulivo

Olive wood beads