• Via Enrico Mattei 2, 60024, Filottrano (AN)


Our company started business in the ‘50s thanks to the initiative of Cesare Gambini who has started working on the production of beads for rosaries, working initially with Marche’s market, closely with the “Santa Casa di Loreto” sanctuary.


With time, the activity changes and in 1990 becomes Arrel. In years, the company has also expanded into other business areas, not just for the religious sector, but also for fashion, leather goods, and jewels. We produce crosses, tau, beads, and pearls in different types of wood, imitation pearl, glitter and hardstone.


The Increased workload and the new market needs allow our company to move in 1998 into the current production site in Filottrano, a large warehouse divided into an administrative office, carpentry department, tumbling and polishing area, turning and the quality control area.


To get always the best possible result, perfectly in line with the customer requests, we follow every step of the production cycle, from the initial idea to the selection of the raw materials and the finished product. To ensure a high-quality product, the production cycle ends in our quality control area where we examine the order before being delivered to the customer.

Arrel has now reached the third generation and is synonymous with professionalism, safety, uniqueness and a point of reference in the field of beads for rosaries, Jutzu, and Buddhist production.